Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust

Promotion of democracy, good governance and institution building

NTT believes that good governance encourages accountability and transparency…
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Promoting and achieving social justice

Social justice relates to the collective and individual responsibility to ensure a just society…

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Promoting and protecting the rights of women

NTT is committed to dedicating resources to support programmes that increase the ability of women to claim and exercise their rights…

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Promoting pluralistic values

NTT will support initiatives that promote understanding and respect of and within communities…

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Engaging youth in social transformation

Young people are the lifeline of the country and are, or ought to be, key actors in powerful social transformations…

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Promoting arts and culture to further understanding of rights and peace

Our arts and culture portfolio recognizes that creative expressions can further the understanding of  rights and peace within Sri Lanka…

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Deadline for Proposal Submission for Empowering Communities in the Plantation Sector Extended

The deadline for submission of proposals for Empowering Communities in the Plantation Sector has been extended until the...

Call for proposals now open for projects and activities in the plantation sector in Sri Lanka

NTT has issued a call for proposals for projects and activities aimed at "Empowering Communities in the Plantation...

All set for the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy in J’burg in December

The Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) is preparing to host the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy in...

Dr. Ronald Slye featured on INFOCUS

Dr. Ronald C Slye, who delivered this year's Neelan Tiruchelvam Memorial Lecture was interviewed by Shameer Rasooldeen on...

Download - 17th NTML booklet

Download - 17th NTML booklet
Our Vision

The establishment and protection of a just, equitable and peaceful society.

Our Mission

To collectively promote peace, reconciliation and human rights, sharing responsibility, resources and risks through strategic partnerships with civil society, public sector, business community, diaspora, academia and donors.