Social Justice

//Social Justice

Promoting and Achieving Social Justice

Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among communities. The principles of social justice are upheld gender equality, or the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants are promoted. Social justice is advanced when the barriers that people face because of gender, agFacilitating_the_resttlement_of_Muslim_IDP_families - Copye, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability have been removed.


A central tenet of the concept of social justice involves the promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms, the programmes of which NTT will continue to support in the coming years. Priority will be given to initiatives that take place at a community level, in order to ensure broader participation of people and groups that find themselves excluded from the democratic process, and do not possess adequate awareness of their rights.


The following areas of work will be supported by the Trust;



  • Rights of marginalised communities and vulnerable groups



NTT will work with its partners to support initiatives that seek to enhance the status of vulnerable groups such as plantation workers, people with disabilities and migrant workers as well as with marginalised communities, to promote their political, economic and social and cultural rights.



  • Empowerment through economic rights



Several years after the end of the armed conflict, people are eager to establish a sense of normalcy in their lives; none more so than those hailing from the areas which were directly affected by the war. However, the trickle-down benefits of macroeconomic development do not reach beneficiaries at the community and village levels quickly enough.


It is essential that the people in these communities have access to employment, income generation opportunities and skills building. Working with its partners, NTT will support such activities that will benefit the community as a whole. A rights based approach, which will include a conflict resolution framework will underpin this programme.