The Rights of Women

//The Rights of Women

NTT supports programmes that increase the ability of women to claim and exercise their rights. While adopting a national level focus, the Trust is well aware that the majority of women who were affected by the armed conflict in Sri Lanka continue to face considerable challenges in rebuilding their lives. Particular subsets such as women headed households are most vulnerable. Conflict affectedFacilitating_GBV_networks - Copy women have specific needs and concerns that need to be addressed urgently.


While striving to maintain a holistic approach in its strategy, the Trust remains grounded within the rights framework that will address the factors that aggravate the vulnerabilities of marginalized women and contribute to their exploitation. Programmes that address these vulnerabilities, such as those that increase the economic security of women through the provision of livelihood opportunities will be supported through the Trust.


The armed conflict has also eroded the hierarchies that once existed, and provides opportunities to hitherto marginalized groups. At the same time there are societal level backlashes on attempts by women to challenge social norms and push social boundaries. NTT will endeavor to work with such groups with the aim of bringing about long term change and increasing the space for women to participate in decision making processes at all levels of society.


NTT will also support initiatives that seek to promote women leaders through training, exchange programmes and fellowships.