Youth in Social Transformation

//Youth in Social Transformation

Engaging Youth in Social Transformation

NTT seeks to engage youth on issues that affect them as a group, and also upon the wider issues that affect society. The youth are the lifeline of a country, and are the key actors in a powerful social transformation. They are an important segment in every progressive social movement and their skills, ability and strength are the prime capital of any community.Engaging_youth_in_social_transformation
NTT gives priority to initiatives that seek to improve the awareness of rights issues that enables the creative energies of youth to be harnessed for the greater good. The Trust will support programmes which ensure youth services, development, civic engagement, leadership and organizing of youth. Support could be in areas such as participation in decision making processes and peace building efforts, promoting democratic values and equal participation of male and female youth in fora, dialogues, mooting, exchange programmes, fellowships and internships.