Types of grants

/Types of grants
Programme grants
Core grants

NTT has over a period of time made efforts to find a means to ensure the sustainability of its project partners. Provision of core funding enables organizations to take a strategic approach rather than a reactive one to situations, thus providing sustainability to the organizations which have embarked on work in relation to pluralism, peace building and human rights which are goals that need a long term commitment.

Organizations applying for core grants have to present a proposal with a budget that includes organizational and administrative costs needed for the entire period of time together with a relevant project budget and description. The funds would be allocated so that a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 20% would be used for the project/programme funding, while the rest may be used for capital and organizational cost.

Recurrent grants

Grants that are given to existing grantees based on those who best meet the selection criteria. While there is no limitation to the number of grants that can be approved for an individual, group or organization approval of a grant does not commit the Trust to a future funding of the grantee. Recurrent grants will be given based on the following criteria;

Whether the applicant made any constructive attempts to request funding from any other organizations

Whether the project is worthwhile receiving continuous funding

Whether the organization has met the objectives outlined in their previous project

Whether the project contributed towards the promotion of overall objectives of the Trust

Whether the applicant still has adequate resources / capacity to implement the proposed activity

Administered grants

Small and emerging groups can play a very active role to promote the objectives of the Trust. Thus NTT has a role in providing core, unrestricted and bridge funding to organizations to ensure their sustainability and survival.

The Trust does not generally fund individuals/unregistered organizations. The Trust advices the applicant to apply through a legally constituted organization to take legal and financial responsibility for the grant, should a grant be given.

Prior to applying for a grant, grant applicants must enter into a written agreement with their administering body, setting out the rights and responsibilities of both parties in relation to the grant’s administration and financial acquittal. The agreement should contain a dispute resolution clause as well, and the document should be submitted along with the grant application to the Trust.