Women’s Fellowship Programme

/Women’s Fellowship Programme

The Sithie Tiruchelvam Women’s Fellowship Programme (WFP) is an 18-month long programme which seeks to enhance the capacities of women working at the community level to increasingly assume leadership roles within their families, organizations and communities, and obtain a comparative perspective on strategies and methodologies they could employ to enhance their interventions and community engagement. It comprises 3 phases: basic, intermediate and advanced programmes of between 7-14 days each, conducted at six month intervals. The periods between each phase of training enables participants to return to their workplaces or communities and begin incorporating the learning into their work.

Specifically, it intends to:

Encourage and empower young women to be a part of a new generation of human rights activists

Provide opportunities for young women to become effective leaders in mobilizing, organizing, educating, awareness raising and advocacy on community empowerment, gender justice, peace building and human rights;

Provide knowledge and motivational support for young women by supporting them to participate in local and international training programmes


A maximum number of 8 fellowships will be awarded under the 2016-2017 programme. The programme is open to all women in the country. Applications from the North and East are especially encouraged.


Applicants should:

a. Be between the ages of 18 and 35.

b. Have a strong interest, passion and be actively engaged in promoting human rights or/and gender equality

c. Be a member of a community based organization or have experience working at community level for at least 3 years.

d. Be committed to the objectives, expectations and timelines established by the programme during the 18 month period or/and commit to taking part in each of the 3 phases of the programme, and be willing to actively achieve programme objectives throughout the 18 month duration of the programme.

e. Have time and be willing to travel within and out of the country.

f. Be willing to share the knowledge gained during the programme with other staff within the organization/members of the community.

g. Applicants who have not been part of previous systematic trainings and/or capacity building initiatives are highly encouraged to apply.

Language: All three phases of the programme will be conducted in the language that is comfortable to the participants, using interpretations when required.

Time commitment expected for the fellowship programme: 7-14 days for each phase during the 18 months along with periodic information sharing via phone, email and meetings.