Call for proposal

/Call for proposal

NTT has issued a call for proposals for projects and activities aimed at Empowering Vulnerable Communities.

Please click on the following link to download the ‘Call for Proposal Notice’ in English – Call-for-Proposals-November 2017-English

Please click on the following link to download the ‘Call for Proposal Notice’ in Sinhala – Call-for-Proposals-November 2017-Sinhala

Please click on the following link to download the ‘Call for Proposal Notice’ in Tamil – Call-for-Proposals- November 2017-Tamil

Guidelines for proposals

Compliance with the objectives and core values of NTT: NTT is guided by the values, vision and mission and core focus areas outlined in its strategic plan. Any project to be implemented by a grantee needs to fit into this framework.

Governance structure of the applicant organization: The stability of the governance structure of the grantee has to be ascertained so that the internal programme and financial management mechanisms, checks and balances are in place for the successful implementation of the project and utilization of the grant.

Track record and experience in the chosen field – The Trust requires demonstrated experience and a proven track record of programmes that have shown significant results in the field of activity envisaged by the project to be funded. This is not applicable to new organizations.

Standing in the chosen field – The reputation of the organization built over the years in the chosen field will be considered when assessing the application.

Relationship with other donors – For new grantees, their relationship with other donors will reflect on their capacity, efficacy and accountability in implementing programmes.

Human resource capacity and diversity – an assessment of the human resource capacity and diversity of staff of applicant organizations will provide evidence of capacity to effectively implement the proposed project.

Size of the organization – Priority will be given to small and medium sized organizations and organizations working at regional/district level.

Funding individuals – Generally grant applicants from individuals are not accepted, but may be considered on an exceptional and case by case basis depending on the merit of their application.

Registration – Organizations without valid registration will not be funded. Exceptionally, applications will be considered if the applicant applies in partnership with another facilitating organization which has a valid registration.

Government institutions – NTT will not consider applications received from government institutions and departments.

Applications from existing grantees – Organizations that have an existing grant with NTT are not eligible to apply for a new grant until the conclusion of the existing grant.

Restrictions to fund same organizations repeatedly – There is no limitation in this regard however priority will be given for new and emerging organizations.

Performance of the organization – NTT will not fund organizations which have not fulfilled the objectives of the previous projects funded by NTT or any other donor.

Political affiliations – NTT will not fund organizations which have representatives from political parties/lies within their governing structure.